• When you stop by please have an open mind and be kind! Know that there is no judgements being made here with Our interactions! We are here to share moving stories, experiences and get thru the hardships together!

Hello it’s ME, Lois

Nice to see you again! Please don’t be shy stop back often I will try to keep new material on my site

I want this to be a positive, supportive experience. My favorite saying is LIFE is what happens when we are making other plans! Truth be told and more u struggle the harder the knock on the head

From time to time I will recommend products I truly found to worth buying, I will provide my top purchases that I actually find useful in my life for the year

I also have many treasures and slightly used or brand NEW quality products I will be advertising in my own little shop I call “CHLOE’S CORNER”

Mother's day sale thru May 8, 2021 Any 2 products, $10 off total price. Dismiss