K. I. S. S.

How I complicate and make everything more complex than it need be.... When all that is needed for me is to turn my problems and cares over to my savior, My faith in God answers all my questions, and solved all my problems. When I think I want to control the direction my life will go, how simple, and I can turn that "will" over to God and leave it for him to solve ~~easy as pie

Everyday is a New Opportunity

Living means sharing one another’s space, dreams, sorrow; contributing our ears to hear, our eyes to see, our arms to hold, or hearts to love. When we close ourselves off from one another, we have destroyed the vital contribution we each need to make and to receive in order to nurture life. We all have talents and purpose in this life. May I recognize my opportunities to contribute to my life’s flow.

Needed to hear this one today.

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